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with Richelle 


"I coach high achieving women to THRIVE, not just survive,

writing their first novel."


-Richelle Lyn Aschenbrenner 

For Me, Your Writing Dreams Are Personal!

In just a matter of hours, you can go from doing...

and be on your novel writing journey.


If you are a new writer ready to write your first novel and are unsure of where to start and/or have found it difficult to set aside the time to get started, fear not. You can do this, and starting might be easier than you think. 
I walked away from my professional career in legal and HR just shy of 50 to take a sabbatical to write my first novel. I was afraid I’d miss my window if I didn’t start then, and I didn’t believe there was any other way to do it other than to go all in. But I hadn’t done any pre-work and didn’t know how or where to start. So, I designed my own novel-writing self-study program, which involved a steep learning curve filled with many detours and rabbit holes. I learned many valuable lessons along the way, but I spent more time and energy than I liked learning how to be a writer and write a novel, instead of jumping right in. If I’d known then what I know now, my on-ramp into the writing world would have been much faster, smoother, and way more fun.
~You don’t need to wonder about when you’re going to start writing a novel any longer.
~You don’t need to quit your job or wait until you have a break from work to start telling your story.
~And you can make it to the finish line with a completed manuscript, on a schedule and timeline that works for you, by setting yourself up with the resources that are right for you.
The first step on your novel writing journey is to either sign up for my introductory Mini Blueprint for a Book (Fiction) Coaching Package here or a free brainstorming session with me to discuss the next steps on your novel writing journey.
I EMPOWER high achieving women who have been dreaming of writing a book for decades to make space in their life to test drive writing a book now, not someday; so, they don’t leave achieving their writing dream to chance.
LET ME BE YOUR PERSONAL GUIDE. I provide my clients with the toolkit to:
~Test drive writing,
~Shortcut and/or avoid some of the road bumps in the novel writing process, and
~Incorporate story building and writing in small doses into daily life, which adds up to something significant over time - and can add so much JOY to life now.
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Start With the Mini Blueprint for a Book (Fiction)

Coaching Package

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Test Drive Your Story Idea Now

  • This package provides you the opportunity to test-drive your story idea and get a sense of my 1:1 coaching style with limited impact on your time and wallet.
  • If you commit to spending 5 hours over the next month focused on your writing future, you will walk away with a clarified story idea and your next steps for designing and building your story’s foundation. Plus, you will have taken that first big step on your book writing journey.
  • You will also be eligible for up to $200 off the purchase of another Blueprint coaching package if you purchase it within 30 days of completing the Mini Blueprint for a Book (Fiction) Coaching Call.

What's Included:

  • You will have one client submission deadline (Writer Appraisal and Mini Blueprint Workbook).
  • You will receive one round of written feedback from me on your completed Mini Blueprint Workbook.
  • We will have one 60-minutes coaching call on Zoom, which will be recorded and provided to you.
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Are You Ready to Start Writing Your First Novel?

Learn more below about Book Coaching, 1-on-1 Coaching Packages,

and Creating a Virtual Writers Sabbatical

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Book Coach Corner Column

Read my Book Coaching 101 blog post which discusses book coaches and how they can help you at any stage in the writing process.
Read my Reframe Your Resistance & Start Your Novel Now blog post which addresses two common misconceptions writers have about when to start writing a novel and when to hire a book coach. Sometimes a book coach is the missing resource a writer needs to help them start their novel.  
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1-on-1 Coaching Packages
 Designing your story’s framework before you start writing your manuscript will give you clarity and confidence as well as save you time and energy down the road by keeping you from writing in circles with no set destination.
I provide introduction, intermediate, and intensive 1-on-1 coaching packages that provide you the opportunity to work with me as you brainstorm and design your story and then build its foundation. 
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Create Your Own Virtual Writers Sabbatical
Read my Create Your Own Virtual Writers Sabbatical blog post on which discusses actionable steps you can take to carve out focused time this year to grow your mind, sharpen your writing skills, have some fun, fill your heart, and finish this year stronger than you started it.
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A Little About Me...

I’m Richelle, the Founder of Mind Your Gap Trip, a writer, and an Author Accelerator certified book coach.


My favorite fiction reads involve leading ladies who push boundaries and conquer their fears while preferably digging for secrets, learning magic, and/or saving the World. 


I’m also a fan of non-fiction reads focused on personal growth and transformation. 


I love my tea hot and my coffee iced. 


I call South Florida home, but my favorite place to be is on a trip.


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My Book Coach Corner Column...

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Book Coaching 101 – Learn about what a book coach does, why you might need one, and how one can help you at any stage in your writing process.

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Reframe Your Resistance & Start Your Novel Now – Learn how to combat two common misconceptions writers have about when they should start writing a novel and how hiring a book coach can help.   

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Plan Your Novel with the Pitch in Mind – Learn how to strategize your agent pitch while you plan your novel, so you can write a stronger manuscript and save time and energy.

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Richelle drilled down to the heart of my story, helping me see what I was really trying to say. Her foundation helped me get out of a rut and get my story onto the page.

–Sam Cameron,

YA Fantasy Author and Author Accelerator certified book coach 

–Brenda Rech,

Fiction Author

Richelle has a natural understanding of story structure. She helped me tease out a complicated timeline with multiple POV’s into a cohesive draft that makes sense and is a joy to work on. Her attention to detail is phenomenal. Her notes and suggestions are easy to understand and implement. Thank you, Richelle, for putting in the extra time and effort into helping me create an engaging and exciting novel.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night




-Richelle Lyn Aschenbrenner

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